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Senior Booster Bundle

Our senior doggos need a little extra care in their golden years. That's why we have bundled up our Hip and Joint Supplement Powder with our Certified Organic Rosehip Meal Topper to help combat those stiff joints and those nasty arthritic symptoms. 

Our Hip and Joint Supplement will help your doggo with any stiffness or inflammation and will act as a helpful recovery aid for active dogs, whilst also helping with bone growth and mobility in younger dogs too! It will also help to ease stiffness, arthritis and other age-related joint pain in older dogs. 

By mixing in our Rosehip Meal Topper to your doggos meals also you will be providing them with a potent antioxidant which is important for supporting the healthy function of joints including the reduction in inflammation, cartilage protection and increase in mobility. It is also naturally very high in Vitamin C which can assist in supporting overall immunity and general wellbeing, assist with recovery after exercise and support the normal function of skin and coat quality.

Bundle includes:

  • 1x Certified Organic Rosehip Meal Topper Powder Supplement available in either 280g or 480g sizes.
  • 1x Hip & Joint Supplement Powder available in either 240g or 480g sizes