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Why is it important to buy Australian Made and Owned?

No-one knows the importance of looking after our own backyard quite like us Aussies! Our range of Certified Organic Pet Treats and Supplements are all Aussie made and owned and we wanted to share why we think that is so important!

You can trust Australian quality and standards

The Australian made and owned logo is one of the most trusted and highly recognized logos in our country. According to Roy Morgan (2012), 98.8% of Aussie consumers instantly recognise the logo and 91.9% are influenced by the logo’s presence when making a purchasing decision (What Does It Mean To Buy Australian Made? | Lifestyle Australia). This is for good reason – Australia is one of the toughest countries to manufacture in due to our high standards of quality, sourcing and legal parameters. You can be assured that every rule in the book is adhered to when you are buying Aussie made and owned as the logo can only be used if manufacturers are adhering to very strict rules and adhering to all Australian Consumer laws. This is even more important when it comes to dog and pet foods. Many international companies produce in sub-standard factories that do not have to adhere to hygienic practices, consumer laws or ingredient restrictions. If you are not buying Aussie-made and owned you cannot always be sure that your best buddy is going to be eating quality ingredients which will not harm their health.

Support your local community

Nobody cares for Australia like we do! By purchasing Aussie-made and owned products you are keeping the economy going. By helping to create jobs locally, supporting local farmers, suppliers and businesses, retaining skilled workers in our own backyard, and maintaining local manufacturing bases to avoid delays and disruptions like we have seen off the back of the Covid-19 Pandemic (7 Reasons Why It's Important to Buy Australian Made Products ( We want to also support our local furry friends in need which is why we pledge 20% of our profits to those doggos who need it most. We currently support local dog rescue facilities – Deaf Dog’s Rescue Australia, Australian Working Dog Rescue and Bull Terrier Rescue Australia. We want to ensure that every Aussie dog has the best opportunity at life possible and that starts right here.

Sustainability of our beautiful country

Being proud Australian’s we know that we need to put our country first. A total of approximately 3.4 million tonnes of plastics are consumed in Australia every single year (2017-18 Australian plastics recycling survey - national report - DAWE). That’s why we knew that our packaging had to love the environment just as much as we do. We don’t want to see our country littered and polluted with single use plastics - which is why we use 100% Post Consumer Recycled materials for our jars and bottles and recyclable plastic pouches. This contribution is helping us increase the rate of recycling in Australia to close to about 10% (2017-18 Australian plastics recycling survey - national report - DAWE), but we know we can all do better! We know the importance of a circular economy and live by the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle – to ensure our country is even more beautiful for the generations yet to come.

Fresh is best!

Manufacturing right here in Marrickville in New South Wales we ensure that our small batch production facilities produce the highest quality, fresh, certified organic treats and supplements for your best buddies on a small scale basis to ensure they are getting the most out of our all natural and organic products. This is something that international brands and large conglomerates simply cannot match – with longer than ever freight times and delays in large scale production many companies have opted to use artificial preservatives and additives to their products to lengthen their shelf life. Something you can guarantee that our ACO certified products will never do!

Always look for the Australian Made and Owned logo

Only companies adhering to all the consumer laws and the strict rules and regulations required for manufacturing can be approved to wear the Australian Made and Owned logo. If a company is claiming to be Australian Made and Owned but does not wear the logo it means that their products or services are not underpinned by a third-party accreditation system, which ensures products that carry the logo are certified as 'genuinely Australian'. (About the logo - The Australian Made Campaign) This means none of the manufacturing processes have been verified!

Being part of the Australian Made and Owned campaign means we wear the logo as a badge of honour. We have a strong commitment to our corporate, social and environmental responsibilities and strive to put our country and all of its doggo’s first to ensure that we are delivering the highest grade quality ingredients to your best friends. If you are interested in seeing the difference all Aussie-made and owned makes – check out our range today!