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How To Reduce Pet Anxiety?
Australian Pet Organics x Bondi Vet

Bondi Vet wants to ensure our pets are as happy and healthy as possible. While providing food, exercise and attention is easy to do, what do you do for your pet if they experience anxiety? With pet anxiety experiencing a marked increase following the Covid pandemic, understanding how to best support your beloved companion is essential. Let's take a look at what causes pet anxiety and how to reduce pet anxiety.

What Causes Pet Anxiety?

There are several reasons your pet may experience anxiety. This can be situational anxiety triggered by specific circumstances or it may be a constant and prominent part of their personality.

More often seen in dogs than cats, dog anxiety can lead your pet to injure themselves or others and exhibit distressing, disruptive or destructive behaviour. These behaviours may be present from birth or come about as a result of neglect or trauma.

Common causes for pet anxiety include:
- Thunderstorms, fireworks and other loud noises.
- Separation anxiety whereby they are unable to be with their preferred carer or are alone.
- Travelling
- Over excited children
- Previous abuse or neglect
- Other animals and more.

 Whether you are aware of the cause of your pet's anxiety or not, there are several methods you can try to help them (and you!) enjoy a more zen existence.

5 Tips For Pet Anxiety Relief

Given it is almost impossible to protect your pet from ever experiencing their anxiety trigger, it is important to do all you can to help them feel reassured.

Our top tips for supporting cats and dogs with anxiety symptoms include:

1. Touch

Just like human beings can benefit from physical touch, cuddling or patting your pet helps to ease their anxiety. Touch is reassuring and helps them to feel safe and content.

2. Exercise

Keeping your pet well-exercised is a great way to use up excess energy that can contribute to feelings of anxiety. Exercise can release endorphins which are a happy hormones, so be sure to give your pet plenty of opportunities to stretch their legs.

Mental stimulation is equally important for helping to wear your pet out. As such, in addition to physical exercise, add some enrichment toys, play and trick training into your routine.

3. Professional Help/Training

Seeking out a professional trainer can be a great way to learn new methods for keeping your pet calm. A trainer can help you pinpoint what is causing your pet's anxiety and give you practical steps for helping them learn to overcome these anxieties.

4. Medication

In extreme cases of anxiety, Bondi Vet may suggest some medications to support your pet to best manage their anxiety.

While pharmaceutical options are proven to deliver effective pet anxiety relief, they can be expensive and have unwanted side effects.

5. Supplements

If you prefer a more natural approach to support your pet's nervous habits, one of the best pet anxiety products is the Australian Pet Organics Calm Support Supplement.

Made with pet-friendly ingredients including hemp Protein, St John's Wort and Broccoli powders, this easy-to-administer supplement can help your pet feel more confident.

Boost The Bravery Of Your Pet

For targeted pet anxiety relief that is designed to complement other strategies, Australian Pet Organics makes it easier to support your pet.

Simply add the nominated amount of powder into your pet’s usual meal with a splash of water if needed for better consistency.

With the added benefit of Choline, a brain health booster, this supplement helps your pet to metabolise fats for improved learning and cognition.

Give your pet the best chance of managing their anxiety with a healthful supplement and a whole lot of love. Try our Calm Support Supplement today!

This article has been written by Bondi Vet